Thursday, December 17, 2009

Le Dragon Bleu

Robert Lepage's new performance piece, "Le Dragon Bleu" couldn't have been more visually stunning then it was. Every minute detail was thought out, from sets, to make-up to costuming to lighting. It has a very poetic grace about it.

The story is the last in a trilogy about the Asian community that migrated to Canada (where Lepage is from) - and how ethnic lines are blurred, and national allegiances dulled. Old and new cultures blend, a baby is born that is now half Asian/Half Canadian.

I felt privileged to experience something as beautiful as this; someone else's vision...

Snowing in Paris

Pulled up the blinds this morning to discover a beautiful blanket of white. Yesterday it was such a mild, sunny day, that I just didn't believe the reports of possible snow.
This trip is a bit different than the others in the past, as I have a steady stream of visitors this year. So just a few days more of "alone" time, and then lots of hoopla in the apartment.
Feels great to be back in Paris.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Spent 6 glorious days in Istanbul; my first trip to Turkey. Felt much more like being in the Middle East than in Europe; The call to prayer over loudspeakers all over the city 5 times a day was very moving; but no where in Europe have I heard something like that before.

Now back in paris for 6 weeks; beautiful, magical Paris...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Heading Back

Can hardly wait to be back in Paris, although this time I am first going to Istanbul, a place I've never been to, but only hear amazing things about. Mosques, bazaars, spices, textiles - a new adventure in a foreign land. Then 5 happy weeks in Paris, staying in anl apartment overlooking the Beaubourg. What could be better? Nine weeks and counting until I hop that plane....

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer In Los Angeles

Stayed in Los Angeles this summer with my daughter graduating from high school, and getting ready to go off to college. Big transition for both of us; her off to new experiences in a new city, and me, becoming an empty nester. It's been a quiet summer, though it seemed to fly by, with only a few weeks left until I take her back east to deposit her in her dorm.

And so my own plans are now taking shape; this year when I return to Paris for the month of December, I will first head to Istanbul for new adventure, and a little taste of the exotic. I look forward to being back in Paris; especially looking forward to spending time with my friends, the cold weather, and working in a foreign land.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Headed Back Home

How quickly time flies. I've been in paris already for a month, and fly back home to Los Angeles tomorrow. But I leave Paris very satisfied, as always, going home with a piece of this city in my heart. The true friendships I have made here only deepen; I cherish them greatly. The work I have accomplished and the inspiration this city has provided has been enormous. The long walks down streets that host the most buildings that are nothing less than candy to the eyes, the cafes, the exhibitions - even the metro rides, shopping sprees and bookstores, the conversations and dinners and parties...

I go home with a full heart, with gratitude, and enough work in my portfolio to start the new year right.

A bientot.

A Rare Day

Snow in Paris is a rare happening, but I was lucky enough to awaken to a surprising day filled with snow flurries. They didn't stick much to the streets, which became more of a slushy mess in the gutters, but instead blanketed the parks and buildings and trees in a veil of white. It was a beautiful sight.
It made me feel happy. I think it was an omen, that this year is going to be filled with new and unusual things...